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Ghanaians saw your spectacular incompetence; go back to bed – P.K Sarpong to Amissah Arthur

Comment: Vanish into the background

Worried Ghanaian
2018-01-03 18:10:31
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Ghanaians saw your spectacular incompetence; go ba

Mr Amissah-Arther, my piece of advice to you is for you to just shut up and go away,never to run for this vice president position again. You made a fool of yourself by the speech you gave. First, this present gov't is taking time to solve the problems you and your boss,Mahama created. A period of mismanagement and corruption/stealing.Thereafter, they will accelerate their policies but it seems God has hasten the implementation of their policies.We were all afraid that the solution of your created problems will mask the implementation of their plans.Please just do not show up to deliver a speech to condemn Dr. Bawumia because it will make you more of a fool and an incompetent would-be leader.

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12-31 09:19
Vanish into the background
Worried Ghanaian
01-03 18:10