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Ghanaians saw your spectacular incompetence; go back to bed – P.K Sarpong to Amissah Arthur

Comment: ...P,K, Sarpong to Amissah Arthur.

Joey Boy
2017-12-31 13:26:55
Comment to:
Ghanaians saw your spectacular incompetence; go ba

The "dumb" vice president under the incompetent Mahama now has a voice to talk. Have you ever bothered to find out why you lost so heavily in the elections? It was mostly because of you and your party's incompetence that got you out of power and not anything extraordinary about Akuffo Addo and the NPP. We did not need any top economist to tell Ghanaians that you were not capable of fixing our problems. Go and sleep while we wait to see the NPP; by the end of their 4 years Ghanaians will know how to cast their votes in 2020.

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12-31 09:19
...P,K, Sarpong to Amissah Arthur.
Joey Boy
12-31 13:26