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Akufo-Addo’s girl under pressure to resign after mocking unemployed graduates

Comment: Maturity required

Prof. Issifu, USA
2017-12-31 03:03:41
Comment to:
Cant no one stop thesedisturbers?

I think a little maturity is needed in her position. These days, job seekers are using innovative approaches. In this sense, there was nothing wrong in a job seeker handing copies of his or her CV to a Presidential Staffer. The latter could have exercised some level of maturity instead of the offensive language she used. Why give your opponents the ammunition to crucify you? This is tantamount to an unforced error in a tennis game!! Since the harm has already been done, the alternative solutions are to either apologize or resign. Anything else will be used effectively against the NPP in the 2020 election campaign!! Politicians learn history but fail to learn from history!! How sad?

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12-31 01:51
Maturity required
Prof. Issifu, USA
12-31 03:03