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Gang rape: Family of victim not cooperating with police

Comment: d other side of d coin

painful truth
2017-12-19 22:43:07
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Gang rape: Family of victim not cooperating with p

am not endorsing what d boys did, but we should also consider d other side of d coin.

the girl is from breman, a surbub town n she is known to b a spoilt girl at 14 , who has been coming to her boy friend in bantama.
on several occasions, she has been coming to bantama n d boy friend has been sleeping with her in his friend's room since he has no room for himself. its rather unfortunate she was gang raped this time around.
so we should stop sounding as if d girl is an innocent naive girl!
otherwise what was a 14 yr old girl doing in a boys single room in bantama when she herself hails from breman?
its a serious societal ill dat our authorities must tackle n nib it in d bus.
its common knowledge in bantama dat 10 yr old girls are sleeping around for money n survival n nobody seems to b bordered

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12-19 17:15
d other side of d coin
painful truth
12-19 22:43