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Akufo-Addo could have stopped impeachment process against EC chair - Ayariga

Comment: Charlotte Osei

2017-12-16 18:26:22
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Akufo-Addo could have stopped impeachment process

The late president Atta Mills didn't have any legal grounds to have impeached the then chief justice, her lordship Georgina Wood. Mr Ayariga, could you please give me just one legitimate evidence that the former late president had for GW's impeachment? If Atta Mills had any legitimate reason but failed to do it then he was a weak and useless president. The late president knew law, was a gentleman, and "feared God", so he didn't want to act irresponsibly. Conversely the current President have to respect the law and the citizens of Ghana and act responsibly. Strong and serious charges have been brought against the commissioner and you expect the president to ignore it? Are you thinking right? Are you saying for political expediency the president should allow public officers to abuse their offices? Why, NDC why? So don't you people have wise and patriotic people among You? Why do you always support evil? Allow the commissioner to defend herself; she is capable enough to do that.

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12-16 14:15
Charlotte Osei
12-16 18:26