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Resign or be impeached – PNC to EC Commissioners

Comment: Charlotte Osei must go quietly or???

Alhaji Yussif
2017-12-14 12:01:56
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Resign or be impeached – PNC to EC Commissioners

The appointing body that suggested and imposed Charlotte Osei for obvious reasons is to blame for her misconduct and corrupt nature.If you observed,JM delayed some appointments after the substantive heads retired in other to use those who assumed acting responsibilities of those institutions.NCCE,Accounts General Department,Auditor Generals Department and CHRAJ,he the former president became so happy that people speculated and lobbied him for appointments or confirmations.JM is a silently vindictive,you just need to pay a little attention to understand his very nature,just use Appiah Stadium as example,this boy who has insulted Mr Rawlings and his wife with unprintable words,had his personal number as people suspected that he was behind the arrogance of that serial caller.Do you need a magician to tell you JM is not politically matured?how can Ghanaians ever make a mistake again and vote such a person?

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12-14 09:48
Charlotte Osei must go quietly or???
Alhaji Yussif
12-14 12:01