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Abolish Voting In Presidential Run-offs -HKP

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2004-07-02 03:26:52
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Abolish Voting In Presidential Run-offs -HKP

This suggestion does not make sense. There have been many instances in the United States Congress where the President's party becomes a minority. This rather helps the opposition to put some brakes on the presidency. As it is said here, Americans always make sure that there is balance of power between the presidency and the legislature otherwise the president gets unfettered powers to do whatever he deems fit sometimes at the detriment of the country. A very good example is the president's tax cut. Every body knows that the tax cut favoured only 5% of the population that is the rich, but because the president has the majority in both houses of the Congress from his party the law passed through the legislature without any opposition,whereas if the majority in the legislature were to be from a different party it would have been a different story. In America because of compromises thing go on well. But in Africa or in third world countries it is either you take it or nothing. So such practices as suggested by Prof. Kwasi Prempeh would always breed one party state.-----SEaman

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RE: Abolish Voting In Presidential Run-offs -HKP
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