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Abolish Voting In Presidential Run-offs -HKP

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2004-07-01 14:41:13
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Abolish Voting In Presidential Run-offs -HKP


I disagree with Professor Kwasi Prempeh on some issues raised by himself. First, we should design our political system around our own mode of thinking and how we see things to the benefit of the Ghanaian. Some of the issues Prof. Prempeh is drawing at are absolutely unreasonable. Prof. Prempeh's idealogue origiates from the USA way of thinking. Let us remind ourselves that the USA, historically, was a no man's land usurped by Northern Irish prisoners, who murdered the original inhabitants of the land and instituted laws beneficial to the conquerers' way of thinking. For instance, bringing slaves to work in their plantations and their industrial developments at no cost. The USA of course ammended some parts of their constitution to suit their modern living as changes in human lives exerts pressure automatically, i.e. globalization in the "global village" concept. Nevetheless, there exists sections in the USA constitution that should be repealed, but injustice would have been made to makers of American history, that would imply injustice to the larger Americans, meaning "impeachment" of the sitting president. Hence the consttutional law in America is satisfactory to a larger section of the population. It doesn't necessary have to satisfy other groups in the community such as blacks, hispanics, orientals and pacifics who see constitutional fraught in the home they find themselves in. That is on USA.

On the other side of the coin, Ghana existed centuries before America was discovered and conquered. Ghana had survived on traditional law - protection, administration, ownership, subjects (protectorates), and so forth - prior to colonization and perhaps enslavement of some of our people across the Atlantic. Now the question is "How would we have scribed our constitution in today's Ghana in a scenario where there was no prior disturbances from foreign rule?" Of course we still would have sought for ammendments in the constitution but not subjected to foreign instances as Prof. Prempeh draws his analogy from.

Many atimes coparative constitutional law analyses are not practicable, e.g. the law on gay and lesbian marriages seems inconceivable in Ghana today. Hence the fact that there is no presidential run offs in the constitution conversant to Prof. Prempeh does not mean it's not good for the nation. I think this is a debate the whole nation should be involved with, instead of an expert in foreign way of doing things coming with a blanket statement to discard something he finds fault with in his own way of thinking. Ghanaian politico-legal experts on constitution did their home work to the benefit of the nation not the then sitting president alone, who the drafters knew in advance that after the maximum two terms of office (8 years), would simply have to go out, period. Now considering our newly founded democracy after a long spate of rule of gun, we need to set electoral rule acceptable by a larger number of Ghanaians to give a convincing decision of the president in office. In 1956 the UGCC/UP group found Kwame Nkrumah, a cheat and dishonest person, who rigged the box. The same fate befell on Busia to have rigged the box through the help of the then NRC Chairman, General Afrifa. In 1979 the language was that AFRC rigged the box for Limann. The 1992 and 1996 elections were a done deal for Jerry Rawlings who supervised the elections for himself. He rigged both elections. It was only the recent 2000 elections that Ghanaians felt a run off gave a sign of believe, that the opposition clearly won from the back bench to the executive seat. We need to give this exercise a couple of times before Ghanaians get abreast with political independence, democratic tolerance, deepening coexistence, and love for one another. I think five more chances will do. Ammending this side of the constitution will definitely raise eyebrows, and I don't think we want unhealthy situation like that. It doesn't matter to spend some few millions of cedis for our peace of mind. If money is what Prof. Prempeh is looking at then, he should relax we can campaign over here to send some few USA dollars for that exercise. Peace at home gives us here respect and hope for our children's future. It's good that Prof. Prempeh comes along with this statement. It deserves to be debated across the breadth of Ghana, but to the extent of the language used and I quote: "immediate abolition" is robotic and absolutely unacceptable. It shows his professional arrogance, parochialism and lack of thoughtfulness in our side of political development. It shows his disrespect for the political system back home. Prof. Prempeh should seek for the reasons behind some statements in the constitution before using emotions to solve them reducing himself at a layman's point of view. In doing this wisdow will fall at his side contrary to knowledge. Let us debate not outright abolition. This note has solely looked at second presidential balloting (run offs) in the constitution as addressed by Prof. Prempeh. He has made some statements in recent weeks still dealing with sections of the constitution of interest to him. What I can say is that in whatever we decide to say, we must consider universal decision, which is democratic. I thank you for your audience. Sincerely, Konongo Fordjour, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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RE: Abolish Voting In Presidential Run-offs -HKP
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