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Abolish Voting In Presidential Run-offs -HKP

Comment: RE: "Thank You Prof; I Agree With You"

sir j
2004-06-30 19:18:49
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"Thank You Prof; I Agree With You"

Omanhene: what you are trying to do is to avoid solving the problem. if people steal money when they are about to be kicked out lets solve that, by puting in place measure to avoid that, and also by punishing poeple who cross the line. if a CEO of a big company knows he is about to be kicked out do they go about emptying the coffers of the company be4 leaving??? if they do then we have a problem in ghana. if they dont then why apply the same argument to a government leaving office?? now, if that is yr concern then i think steps should be taken to fix the problem rather than throwing the baby away with the bath water.

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06-30 16:41
RE: "Thank You Prof; I Agree With You"
sir j
06-30 19:18