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Abolish Voting In Presidential Run-offs -HKP

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sir j
2004-06-30 19:09:09
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Abolish Voting In Presidential Run-offs -HKP

once again this is rubbish, coming from a learned man. time and time again the learned man is failing africa....knowing the kind of learned people we have in the min of finance in ghana, i never imagined that people will cut corners in due diligence for those two loans (barber loan, and the machine shop loan!) to say that dev work will be stalled if ruling gov has minority in parliament and so the election for pres should be decided based on # of mps is just trying to cut corners and denying our fledging demo the chance to reap benefits that accrue from healthy debates and consensus building. i remember that at the close of the 2000 elections, both CDD and IEA have emphasized the need for consensus building in our parliament and how that is going to be the rock on which most of the dev agenda will be cut matters short, a ruling govt with maj in parliament will not necessarily lead to developement.

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06-30 16:41
RE: Abolish Voting In Presidential Run-offs -HKP
sir j
06-30 19:09