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10 Regional Chairmen ‘endangered species’ – Kweku Baako

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2017-11-11 17:27:58
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10 Regional Chairmen ‘endangered species’ –

The ten have carefully weighed their options with an input persuasion possibly by a guru fan of Mahama.
They aware a lot of money has been stashed away by Mahama and his cabal through duplicitous ways. They are betting their hopes on Father Christmas (Mahama) to butter their bread with the booty.
Spio and the rest would not march the give-aways of numeroys freebies such as 4×4's dished out willy nilly.
The ten are not daft as they may be protrayed as making a big mistake. NDC operates on 'moneytocracy' (pardon me for the coined term) and psycophancy.

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Re: 10 Regional Chairmen ‘endangered species’ –
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