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GhanaPost app: Bawumia has embarrassed Akufo-Addo – Mahama

Comment: JM's advice to Bawumia

2017-11-05 13:21:02
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GhanaPost app: Bawumia has embarrassed Akufo-Addo

JM's advise to Bawumia.Hei youngman,what is wrong with you? You could have make it USD 250million even bus branded was USD 3.6million .you look at SSNIT software, SADA,GYEDA,cocoa roads, health insurance, NSS,Brazil worldcup 2014,MASLOG,Ford for contract, even my own brother Ibrahim Mahama,woyome hmmmmmmmm I can't even mention but consider just this few and be Wise and smart next time you are quoting money because Nana trust you so he will not punish you even if he findout. Me am just advising you oooooh yoooooooo. When Attack Mills sent me to buy aeroplane hope you heard my name in the news hmmmmmmm

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11-05 12:18
JM's advice to Bawumia
11-05 13:21