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Akufo-Addo petitioned to sack Ayisi Boateng

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Kwadwo a
2017-11-01 17:55:43
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Akufo-Addo petitioned to sack Ayisi Boateng

Ghana, hypocrisy exhibited at alarming levels; are we not in Ghana when ndc vigilantes in 2008/2009, murdered known npp supporters in Agbobloshie during late Pro Mills era and none of them was persecuted in the full glare of Ex President Mills, Spio Garbrah, Kofi Adams and all the ndc people, civil society groups, the clergy etc? No one spoke against it. The npp as a party protested but it was no avail but now it appears everyone including the clergy have found their voices. Who introduced vigilantism in our body politic? It’s the ndcs. Last year, when the ministry of health decided to appoint regional director of health services in the northern region, the ndc youth went there to stop the program, locked up the offices with the simple reason that the appointing authority should have appointed a son of the land. But ignorantly these thugs didn’t know that the position was not a political one; it was purely a civil service one but the vigilantes went on rampage to stop the event. But the nppians will keep quite without making reference to these episodes. In my opinion, political vigilantism was started by the ndc so stop the the display of hypocrisy, pls.

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11-01 14:13
Re: Akufo-Addo petitioned to sack Ayisi Boateng
Kwadwo a
11-01 17:55