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NDC campaign cash stolen - Botchwey report

Comment: Few corrupt individuals madeNDC lost

Senior citizen. Bs, Germany
2017-09-30 13:25:39
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NDC campaign cash stolen - Botchwey report

[aa, Oyiwa, M,asem a mekai na oda ho yi}Yes, what I stipulated yesterday as a comment is what has come out today.I suspected that the reason why the NDC apparachiks could not publish the Kwessi Botchey report as quickly as possible, was due to hijacking of the report by few corrupt big wigs who were guilty of certain parts of the Kwessi Botwey Report and found it unturnable to allow it to come out and unearth their corrupt practices during their term of office, and bad management of the programmes run up to the 2016,general elections which resulted rsolted in their being beaten by the NPP to exchange the opposition seats with the Government seats to form the prersent Government.Now they have seen how difficult it is to be in the opposition,and it would be difficult for them to recapture their former glory.

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09-28 11:53
Few corrupt individuals madeNDC lost
Senior citizen. Bs, Germany
09-30 13:25