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I wrote anti-Amidu articles, not Ablakwa - Andrew Krow

Comment: M A's credibility is fast weaning!

2017-09-14 21:08:27
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I wrote anti-Amidu articles, not Ablakwa - Andrew

1. Shadow VP, M.A, couldn't fact-check the author of the article he solely relied on to cast his insults not only on Ablakwa but also other respected persons... He's now saying Ablakwa is the same as something something Krow. You are in comfortable losing lead, Honourable MA; you should have said this long time ago....Now MA is employing IT experts to technologically help him to doctor this goof to win credibility again but it will not FLY.
2. But more importantly, why will a true and neutral crusader abandon his pursuit for the retrieval of WOYOME'S loot due to a change of government. Even a class 1 or free SHS 1 student knows that the change affords a better leverage for MA to go at length to retrieve the said money for the state... MA you are losing credibility softly.
3. I said earlier that MA will now take a different tangent or people will say that Ablakwa used Krow or bribed him to do the bargaining, and that is what is seemingly happening. As a casual observer, MA is losing currency.

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09-14 14:21
M A's credibility is fast weaning!
09-14 21:08