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I wrote anti-Amidu articles, not Ablakwa - Andrew Krow

Comment: Amidu is bitter and envy

2017-09-14 16:08:41
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I wrote anti-Amidu articles, not Ablakwa - Andrew

Martin Amidu is typical of Northerners who cannot let go anything. Is he the only person who contested as a vice-presidential candidate of a party and damped for another person? What about Hon who was damped and replaced by he Amidu? Has he ever spoken ill of Amidu or Mills? This guy fool called Amidu thinks he is somebody. Why can't he contest as a presidential candidate in NDC primaries? After all his master's wife Konadu Agyeman did it, lost, and formed her party. He can contest, lose and form his party or join his madam's party. Zenator Rawlings saw good in NDC, contested the primaries, won, and won the parliamentary seat. God willing, if she so wishes she could become the Bush of Ghana to become president after her father. She is sober, intelligent, and effective. She is loved by all than her mother. Amidu is just bitter and jealous of JDM. No matter what, he has completed his terms and Amidu will die without getting on that throne. Even after JDM left office, the envy still follows Amidu the idiot. He is useless in NDC now and just write long thesis to show he exists.

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Amidu is bitter and envy
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