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'Sharp teeth' Ablakwa is 'uncouth, uncultured' – Amidu

Comment: Find Martin A mayhiding! Hide now MA

2017-09-13 07:50:57
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'Sharp teeth' Ablakwa is 'uncouth, uncultured' –

If you think you know it all, a ditch awaits you.. Martin could not simply fact-check who authored that article "Martin hate...." that formed the basis for his insults on did not fly....Public service or not, is not a mark of maturity. Many people haven't worked before, but they are working. I know some people will go and doctor or fabricate a new story line for Martin... Factually, Ablakwa did not write that. What he wrote"Delevopments in Kenyan..." is for everyone not Martin. Martin has fallen flat on his own evidence. If you hate one person, never project it to everyone. Martin did not make a good running mate in 2000-period!

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09-12 10:19
Find Martin A mayhiding! Hide now MA
09-13 07:50