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'Sharp teeth' Ablakwa is 'uncouth, uncultured' – Amidu

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Paul Jamie
2017-09-12 11:58:19
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'Sharp teeth' Ablakwa is 'uncouth, uncultured' –

I thought Amidu was on a righteous course. But I'm rethinking. Clearly Amidu seems to have a personal and self-serving agenda.
This tangents are ridiculous to say the least.
I expected Amidu's vigilantism to have zeroed in on Siaw Agyapong who is ripping the soul of the country with his cohorts.
The fact that Amidu has not spoken concerning Jospong and Agyapong should tell everybody that the man is seriously only serving himself and not Ghana.
The fact that Kenyan court ruled against Uhuru does not mean they got it right and Ghana got it wrong. After all Martin, it was a majority decision.
And know how the ethnicities in the Kenyan supreme Court played out? Do you know the ethnic roots of Maraga and that of Odinga?
Martin you have work to do on Siaw Agyapong.

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09-12 10:19
Paul Jamie
09-12 11:58