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'Sharp teeth' Ablakwa is 'uncouth, uncultured' – Amidu

Comment: AMIDU Again???????

2017-09-12 11:26:43
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'Sharp teeth' Ablakwa is 'uncouth, uncultured' –

So you think you cultured. so when we say Amidu is crazy mad and a detractor are wrong. I don't understand why NDC is allow this repented cured mad man keep on sabotaging them like that. Now it is Ablakwa did your pay masters ask you to attack him because he spoke the truth about the sub-standard SHS policy they forcing to implement. Why does our elders always hide whenever the truth is told at their face then turn out to say the young man does not respect, meanwhile the young person is telling truth, Amidu wake up ans let them stop using you. Nana will never give you any post becos he knows you are a "MAD" man secondly he cannot trust you Mr Shadow VIce President. SHAMEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

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09-12 10:19
AMIDU Again???????
09-12 11:26