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Anita Desoso attacks Jewel Ackah over his allegations of being abandoned

Comment: what is wrong with us?

2017-08-16 16:41:55
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Anita Desoso attacks Jewel Ackah over his allegati

When you have the opportunity to fix the rotten system you turn to enrich yourselves. Our country is going backwards with politicians increasingly becoming rich.
Come future, the system that you failed to fix will come after you..... This is not rocket science? Remember no amount of loot would stand 5 of your generations but when you put in to fix the system the next person in charge would also continue and fix it more.
All this thing of party overlooking its faithfuls is just rubbish. Is Jewel Ackah more a Ghanaian than others who are in similar situations?
This quick fix of picking, selecting and sorting out is a very ignorant and naive way of operating.

God save the Black man... until the Black man finds God within, we will never understand our responsibilities in life.

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08-16 14:07
what is wrong with us?
08-16 16:41