Press Review of Thursday, 11 March 1999

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The Guide

"Surprise! Surprise from U.S.A. Rawlings Owns Private Plane" the fall out of President Rawling's visit to the U.SA. is a revealation that he owns a 10- seater private jet. The Guide newspaper, which filed the report, says the jet has been long purchased and that Steve Wonder, the blind American singer once piloted it with the President.

The revealation are said to have been made when President Bill Clinton asked the Ghanaian President about a rumour that Steve Wonder, had flown his plane. To everyone's amazement, President Rawlings confessed it was true and reportedly proceeded to give an account of how he only had to tell the blind star directions.

The former Airforce Pilot now President says, "I would say right, left bank " This sensitivity with his hands was unbelievable Rawlings is said to have marvelled to his US counterpart.

Steve Wonders flying ability is said to have been captured by a French TV crew on Board who are said to have been refused permission to show the footage because Wonder worries that people might not believe he really is blind.