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Akuffo’s touting comment ‘unacceptable’, ‘prejudicial’ – Group

Comment: Stupid people full of tribalism

2017-06-18 06:56:53
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Akuffo’s touting comment ‘unacceptable’, ‘

This country is ruled more on tribal lines covered up with politics. So you find idiots attacking people just because she's of a different tribe. Why didnt the so called useless group question the one who asked the question? And amongst this whole vetting is this the only they saw? By the way the legal council is not a court! Let the new cj work. I guess if she has a different surname from the far east of the country this group wouldn't have passed their silly attention seeking comments. Tribalism is too much in this country and this nonsense should stop.

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06-17 19:13
Stupid people full of tribalism
06-18 06:56