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Asamoah Gyan to receive doctorate degree from Ukranian university

Comment: It is an honors degree and not academic

2017-06-16 08:54:54
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What achievement for Ghana

Don't envy,if you don't get it.The essence of a PhD is contribution of knowledge to society.Knowledge is an asset meant to uplift people in society.Academic institutions have the right to define what has been contributed and has uplifted many societies.Here they have defined by stating his contribution of football playing in various countries and his charities to many in societies.That is why the have a right to honor his contributions which has uplifted many in society.Gyan is an inspiration by which many young look up to emulate.His donations has saved many and given a lot of hope to the poor in societies.This is why he is being honored not with an academic degree but an honours degree.Any university that feels like honoring Ronaldo and Messi can do likewise and it's a matter of if they will accept the offer.Just appreciate him and stop the envy.Ghana people always find faults with others.

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06-16 05:17
It is an honors degree and not academic
06-16 08:54