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Former President Mahama is a disgrace to the nation

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Nii Major.
2017-06-06 19:49:13
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Former President Mahama is a disgrace to the natio

I can assure you that Ghanaians are truly not serious. If we are, we would not have voted for Nana and his NPP to run the fairs of this country of ours.Nobody was able to point out any corruption allegations against Mahama as deputy and later minister for communication but suddenly became corrupt only when he got to the presidency.By your write up you appear to belong to the school of thought that see and define corruption just limited to money.Corruption is mainly about the principles and respect for laid down procedures and principle for achieving a goal. Nana Addo, now his excellency, never commented about the countless disrespect for individual liberty within his party. The numerous beatings which went on the party head quarters including the countless number of recklessness which took place and still taking place. Has he commented on the attacks on the courts by his bunditts called invisible forces, delta forces, action troopers and the many many irresponsible party militia groups that were meant to assault the powers of the state. These are what corruption really means.Taking the state to court for nine months on account the the 2012 elections has been rigged with all kinds of flimsy excuses to hood wig the courts to deliver political power to him. This what we call corruption.
How come that the finance minister was able to do this bond deal without passing through the appropriate procedures thinking this will not be noticed and to date he has not commented. At least I have not heard him make any comments on this regard.
The pot should be extra careful not to call the kettle black.
Anytime your party comes to power they temper with the national currency and all kinds of things happen in the process. To date it is not known how much it cost Ghana in the re denomination exercise in 2007 when Nana was the foreign minister. If Nana have had the qualities of Mahama he would have been president many years a go.They know what they did to be in government. They better concentrate on the work and give us the voters valuer for money. After all these politicians are very untruthful to us as nationals.
Be mindful when you are spilling out some of these unkind words and lets take of the fact that everybody can throw stones but if you live in glass house you do not throw stones. Ghana is for all of Ghanaians as such we should be mindful of our values and our right of place as Ghanaians.

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06-06 02:53
Re: Former President Mahama is a disgrace to the n
Nii Major.
06-06 19:49