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Former President Mahama is a disgrace to the nation

Comment: mahana is a disgrace

2017-06-06 14:59:58
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Former President Mahama is a disgrace to the natio

I am not surprise not even for one second why because I Listerine to an interview of him about a book he wrote oo. W. N. Y. C radio and I was very shame and disappointed this is the time. Dramani was a vice president. He made no sence at all. I was at work then and when I went home that I told my friend that I lusyern to. Mahamas interview and was disappointed because he didn't make any sense and my friend told me that his other friend which I don't know told him about he sane thing some time ago but I still didn't take this serious cuz I taught it might be just an interview fail. Then there comee. D. K. M. God is love.and microfinance saga and customers who lost their mobry started committing suicide I was looking for our president to come out and say something about is as it is national disaster but his unwise thinking never let him understand that this was a national disaster and he stays mute and still can go around and asked the same people he and his criminal gangs ripe off to vote for him with no shame. Pls somebody tell me thus is not a pin head

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06-06 02:53
mahana is a disgrace
06-06 14:59