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Defence minister, deputy ‘disagree’ over soldiers in galamsey


2017-05-24 21:16:05
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Defence minister, deputy ‘disagree’ over soldi

The EPA, the Minerals Commission, the GRA and others charged with direct responsibility to regulate these MNCs, are constantly bamboozled, cowed and bullied into submission by these large multinational corporations because they have the wherewithal to hire "bully experts", their flamboyance and sophistication. Meanwhile, the regulators, particularly, most of the heavyweights in these organizations are not ready to enhance and build capacity in addition to being greedy and rapacious. Therefore, most of these local employees of these multinationals who are motivated by the distorted local labour market salaries they get (which at the end of the day emanates from the country's own taxes evaded) are having a field day degrading and devastating our environment without accountability. Governments over the years have entered into give away (bogus)contracts with these MNCs for lack of capacity and in most cases the motivating factor being greed. If this nation want to really protect its water bodies in particular and its environment in general, it is the Multinational corporations (MNCs) that must be checked. Whilst I am not in anyway holding brief for the galamseyers and the sodiers protecting them, most of these MNCs because they use creative accounting (TRANSFER PRICING) and do not turn out profit (first Corporate social responsibilty indicator)ensure there is therefore no portion of their bottom line to go to the community for the members to also enjoy. Everything is shifted away to their tax havens after bullying tax managers who allow themselves to be bullied and therefore the little they themselves agree to pay are not even paid. The nation should enhance and build capacity to deal with the multinationals and not the galamseyers who are small "fries". The multinationals are not dealing with the locals fairly and that has intensified the illegality they are perpetrating. As you are no doubt aware the average Ghanaian is peaceful and thoughtful and would not want to destroy water bodies. The MNCs who are mainly found in the extractive industry in Ghana and sub-Saharan Africa as a whole screen options and make choices and secure their positions and are ever ready to trespass on if you the host country allow them. My advice is that we should not allow these MNCs to instigate rifts and fights between our institutions because they are the culprits. After all the local galamseyer and the local soldier spends the money he makes in the country. This is not to justify the illegality though. The MNCs are indeed exploiting our greed and incapacity with no accountability. For example, what do you expect if a former advocate for these big mines in an extraordinary turn of events metamorphosed into CEO of the Minerals Commission? He will still sing their praises.

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