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Victims of EOCO, political harassment revealed

Comment: Foolish story

2017-04-24 18:57:51
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Victims of EOCO, political harassment revealed

What a foolish story. So it means if Mahama had remained in power, we never would have seen this money paid? How can ministry of roads and transport decide on taxation arrangements for a businessman. We are all businessmen and import things to serve the government, yet no such arrangements get agreed with the tax authorities. Stupid fool NDC supporters. Shame on you all and your leadership! You are a disgrace to Africa. So all these Ibrahim is a businessman mantra is just to steal our money? He doesn't pay tax, yet he takes bigger contracts? And see a whole paper like the Herald support this? Maybe this Herald firm must also be investigated for non payment of taxes since they think it is right for Ibrahim not to pay taxes. Stupid fools again and again!

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04-24 18:21
Foolish story
04-24 18:57