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You are confused about aspects of Ameri deal - IMANI fires Ayine

Comment: Keep the politics out!!

2017-04-19 22:59:52
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Re: You are confused about aspects of Ameri deal;

Gentleman, it is not about politics here. If we can arrest and imprison every politician who steals from us, we may get to a stage in this country where we could be so self-sufficient that our children and grand children no longer have to travel overseas in order to have a go at a decent life. If you, however make such findings political then you are not only unpatriotic but a simple idiot who should not even be on this platform. We need people who are apolitical NOT THOSE WHO ARE ONLY CONCERNED about the good of some stupid political party. Peroid!! Have a great day buddy!!

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04-19 15:35
Sampson Assana
04-19 18:27
Keep the politics out!!
04-19 22:59