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You are confused about aspects of Ameri deal - IMANI fires Ayine

Comment: Good good good - get them in prison

2017-04-19 19:46:10
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You are confused about aspects of Ameri deal; IMAN

What a wonderful in depth report
The world is laughing at Ghana
AMERI What a surprise ...after bribing everyone to go on a visit to review the contract minute going to negotiate now no negotiate ........they set the company up to SCREW Ghana the world is laughing at Ghana many other multi million dollar contracts have AMERI ACHIEVED...ZERO how many other contracts has that crook His Royal Highness Sheikh Ahmed Bin Dalmook Al Maktoum, received a deal of $150 million commission ZERO ... why did the witness a known crook UMAR FAROOQ ZAHOOR witness contract then they say no no no he is not the crook he is s different man then a few days later he is removed ftom web site and resigned for personal reasons . Full story on Norwegian newspaper Verdens Gang (VG so corrupt bribery greedy NDC just screwed Ghana so CONTRACT is a FRAUD GET them all arrested for loss to state ...if nothing happens then NPP HAS ACCEPTED A BRIBE TO shut up? Now they have paid the committee hotels expenses and flights to investigate ....conflict of interest!!! (More bribes)

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04-19 15:35
Sampson Assana
04-19 18:27
Good good good - get them in prison
04-19 19:46