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Father arraigned for failing to care for his kids

Comment: he asked for it

2017-04-19 09:25:17
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Re: Father arraigned for failing to care for his k

brother, if the man had been at least remitting them in the first place, none of these would have happened. once it gets to the court, a harsher ruling may be given and you can't blame the judge. why some men fail to live up to their responsibilities is what i do not understand. it is a simple thing; you have children, you take care of them, period!! what is so hard about this? as a man if you had zipped up, you would not have been taken to court over this. let him suck it up otherwise a more harsher ruling of his wages being taken away from him to cater for the children would be given.

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04-19 07:37
he asked for it
04-19 09:25