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Sakawa boys frustrating blood donation at Yendi hospital - Residents

Comment: Staff Should be increased

Abe Stockholm
2017-04-05 09:30:42
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Sakawa boys frustrating blood donation at Yendi ho

Andrews from Melbourne. Please desist from insulting Northeners, every one is a human being and a Ghanaian as that. As for the issue at hand, I don't believe the nurses will stoop that low. It is rather unfortunate that their staff strength forces them to engage relatives. Other than that this wouldn't happen. The authorities should consider employing more nurses and health care assistants at this hospital. To curtail this problem. There are more nurses at home waiting to be posted. Why not post some of them to these areas.

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04-05 08:56
Staff Should be increased
Abe Stockholm
04-05 09:30