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‘Cruel’ government starving us – Newly trained teachers

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2017-04-04 15:44:31
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‘Cruel’ government starving us – Newly train

lies,lies lies,
The previous government did nothing about our lD number generation.
This one month salary you are shamefully talking about is not the last money to be given us.Those who have had their ID numbers are only a handful.
we have taught for six months not seven months.Our monies will be given to us in full.
The Useless NDC government deceived us by letting us think that they care for us.
we have not regretted for voting for NPP ,we shall vote for NPP massively in the next election even if we were not paid a dime.Detractors, half a loaf is better than no bread.shame unto you NDC. inhumane, most corrupt ,most incompetent government.

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Re: ‘Cruel’ government starving us – Newly train
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