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‘Cruel’ government starving us – Newly trained teachers

Comment: Ayariga 3rd Coup de'tat

Ewura Efua Mends
2017-04-04 14:01:42
Comment to:
‘Cruel’ government starving us – Newly train

Where Ayariga’s Plot took a nose dive & related Events
• Ayariga only confined in conspirators such as Okudzeto, Alhassan & Lante V when he ventured to speak to Radio Gold
• Ayariga if he was not too hasty should have spoken to Haruna urging Haruna to call a meeting with his Party Members on the course of action to take
• Ayariga gave an interview to Radio Gold about 5.00pm, returned to the House and still did not inform Haruna or Muntaka
• Ablakwa says he returned his mystery Gh3,000 & Ayariga’s without any hard evidence of proof
• Lante , Ahi, Alhassan also participated in returning mystery monies without any evidence
• How can 6 + adults fail to record or capture the act of returning money to Muntaka?
• Joseph Osei-Wusu informed Osei Kyei- Bonsu as soon as he caught wind of the rumour in circulation
• Joseph Osei- Wusu upon sound advice made a statement in the House and sought for leave to seek legal action outside the House.
• Ayariga, in the interim, was still granting interviews to Media Houses
• Ayariga’s attempt to brief Ablakwa and Alhassan to be his witnesses failed abysmally.
• Ablakwa is a poor student and did not read his script properly hence his extremely poor performance at the Joe Ghartey Committee.
• Alhassan, Lante, Ahi, Murtala are wisemen. They did not give any oral witness support and remained in the background fanning the Fire.
• The witness statements by Ayariga & Ablakwa were fraught with inconsistencies and lies.
• Sam George tried to use PATAPA to but has exposed himself as a THUG.
To conclude, Ayariga thought he had conceived a PLOT to topple the NPP government but failed.
Recommendation- Ayariga should tender his resignation and hope he is not de-robed by the Ghana Bar Council.

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Ayariga 3rd Coup de'tat
Ewura Efua Mends
04-04 14:01