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I wept just to see Mahama – NDC MP

Comment: John Mahama takes the ultimate blame

2017-03-27 13:17:38
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I wept just to see Mahama – NDC MP

The defeat of the NDC has put some bare facts that can not be disputed,1.the first person to make public his inability to access the former president was Alban Bagbin.2 The former chairman of the party Dr Kwabena Ajei also came public.3.the member of parliament for Yunyoo has also added his name to the list,for all you know there's another person yet to say same.To some extent the former president can not absorb himself from this blames,this re people of good standing in the party and it beats everyone's imagination why the president held himself that high when he knew that he needed everybody onboard to win the election including non members of the NDC.John mahama I ve said many times that,he was a silent vindictive person,if you ve two boys and one is very loud and the other very quiet and reserve,if you ve any help please give to the quiet one because the day he pulls a surprise on you,it can be very devastating.Ndc has admitted openly after their defeat that they spent more money in 2016 than any other campaign in past,this is also the most humiliating defeat they ve recorded in their history too,so it's not about money but the economy and arrogance of power,complacency is not part of because what was the difference between Nana Addo and John Mahama that he can be complacent?.when we analyzed 2012 results Ndc did not take us serious,with all the 8 regions falling for the NDC the difference of the popular votes between Jomaha and Nana Addo was less than 40,000,00 votes,which means that if Nana Addo in any election like 2016 needed a solid win of 3 regions to unseat Mahama,anything more than 3 region is the devastating defeat we recorded which is confusing everybody in their party.

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John Mahama takes the ultimate blame
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