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I wept just to see Mahama – NDC MP

Comment: JM can't win so you dimwits better wise

old. and wise
2017-03-27 09:55:50
Comment to:
This is the Ugly MP insulting JM, idiot!

Nonsense. JM was a nobody prior to Mills making him VP. So what are you talking about?

JM is not a leader. He rode on Mills death to win his first term and rode on his own efforts to a disgrace loss. Is that not enough evidence if he dare again when Nana Addo had had enough resources he will totally put him away?

Some of us delegates will never give it to JM because he lacks the sense to control his wife, his brother and inner clique from wasting the nation resources. If he dares we will all advice our followers from the constituencies to vote against him in the presidential election

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03-27 08:03
JM can't win so you dimwits better wise
old. and wise
03-27 09:55