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I wept just to see Mahama – NDC MP


2017-03-27 09:48:33
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In trying to justify why professors of Mechanical Engineering at the KNUST could not repair their vehicles when they break down, academicians of this university have come out to claim that these KNUST professors could not do so because they are not mechanics - even though these same people teach automobile engineering. This is unpardonable and these professors could be forgiven if they were physicists - remember most of the theories and formulae in mechanical engineering are produced by physicists. This is shocking because I don't know the kind of engineering training these KNUST professors are offering our youth and I can now see why products of our universities become useless when they don't get others to employ them. It will be very shocking to see a professor of mining engineering who cannot do blasting or use the theodolite to do surveying and so professors of KNUST have no excuse. It appears that education in Ghana is not meant to empower the youth for good deeds but just a means to seek white-colour jobs. Elsewhere it is not so. I once worked with a Ghanaian agriculturist, trained in Romania, as teachers in a secondary school. This man was teaching General Agric, Horticulture and Animal Husbandary whiles I handled Maths, Gen Science and Farm Mechanization. This man was so good at his area that I asked him why he is different from his counterparts trained in Ghana. It was after my inquiry the man told me that in Romania, to be an agriculturist, you need to be trained in both the theoretical and practical aspects of the programme. The practical aspects include plowing, shooting, swimming, how to set traps for different rodents that destroy crops, how to dismantle the engine of a tractor and fix it , basic animal surgery, how to construct silos and other storage facilities, etc. When he was posted to teach at the secondary school, he really inspired his student with his practical know-how. What even baffled me in that school was that the school was having survey instruments like the chain, theodolite, ranging poles, prismatic compasses, etc, yet the geography tutor, who was a graduate teacher from the University of Ghana could not use them - even though the geography syllabus at the SSCE level demanded that students should learn how to use them. I had to teach them the use of those instrument although I am not a university graduate. So you see how our intellectuals are misleading the youth.

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