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Kofi Adams was a ‘disaster’ – NDC guru

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2017-04-06 13:22:59
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Kofi Adams was a ‘disaster’ – NDC guru

Yes, Kofi Adamu was a big disaster. Who appoinmted him the Campaign coordibnator. Well it was John Mahama. He was incompetent himself so he has to appoint an incompetent to be the Campaign Coordinator. The end result was what we saw. Kofi Adamu stole all the money given him to campaign. When Sammy Awuku and others were working hard, Kofi Adamu was moving from hotel to hotel sleeping with prostitutes. With this attitude how can NDC win an election. NDC has not seen anything yet. The worse is coming and ndc's intergretion will be too huge to repair.

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Re: Kofi Adams was a ‘disaster’ – NDC guru
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