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Kofi Adams was a ‘disaster’ – NDC guru

Comment: NDC members fail to debunk the lies...

2017-03-23 13:39:02
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Kofi Adams was a ‘disaster’ – NDC guru

NDC members fail to debunk the lies of the opposition and that let them lost the elections. The majority in NDC kept mumu when they were accused of corruption, stealing and mismanagement.
Most of the time it was none NDC members, but supporters of the party who defended John Mahama over those allegations.
Rawlings was demanding positive action whenever a member of NDC is wrongly treated by NPP, like NDC members going on demonstration when Kofi Adams vehicles were taken away by the state security and the Invisible Forces.
NDC has to keep its members busy by demonstrating against any negative action and policy by the NPP government and Nana Akufo-Addo to make NPP government unable to rule Ghana.
NDC and other opposition parties must team-up and organize demonstrations against any policy of NPP that is contrary to the interest of Ghana and her people.

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NDC members fail to debunk the lies...
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