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SHS duration debate 'wrong focus' - Kinna Likimani

Comment: A wrong call

2017-01-25 11:55:45
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SHS duration debate 'wrong focus' - Kinna Likimani

Though some may want us to believe they are experts in education, the argument put forth here by whoever the Lady is, is off the mark. The large enrolment figures from the kindergartens to SHS, the lack of logistics and planning, leading to less contact hours between pupils and teachers, makes the present structure unproductive. Just to cite one example, the freshers to shs for the current academic year just reported in January, with a whole termgone. Such students require a little bit of time to settle in their new environment. So this term will be divided between their settling down problems and coping with many new subjects introduced to them. So time lost is not retrievable. If they are not lucky and traditional ruler or the mother of one dies, schools will close for a week to honour that dead. The students so affected will have less than two years for academic work. Sporting activities are curtailed for lack of time and juvenile sports development becomes an unattractive option, leafing the death of sports development in Ghana. The three year shs,badly programmed is a nightmare for all stakeholders; the children, parents and teachers, the worst affected being the children.

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A wrong call
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