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Akufo-Addo's inaugural speech a plagiarism of former US presidents'?

Comment: What plagiarism?

2017-01-07 23:50:22
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Akufo-Addo's inaugural speech a plagiarism of form

As received.
It is true Nana used words from the speech of George
Bush in 2001.
Now let me burst your bubble.
It was first used by Woodrow Wilson in the 19th Century.
Ever since then 13 Presidents have used those same
words in their inaugural addresses.
This should tell you the importance OF those words. They
are so important George Bush himself plagiarized same.
Of course the NDC won't know.
If only you had spent the same amount of time doing
research about the woes of the ordinary Ghanaian, you
would be holding an inaugral banquet by now.
Read ooo Read.

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What plagiarism?
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