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‘Innocent’ Mills' soul crying for justice – Owusu Bempah

Comment: Listen to the video before you judge

Fellow Christian
2017-01-02 14:04:56
Comment to:

Rev Edwin Kwai Okyere you are the liar! Repent of your words today!..if you had listened to what the prophet said, he said a curtain was drawn and he probably we can presume he was seeing from a screen. He never stated Attached mills is in heaven, he stated what he saw when the curtains were drawn and mysteries revealed to him. You called your self a pastor and yet pass judgment and insult on another child of God. SHAME ON YOU!!!

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12-30 18:34
riteous soul is crying
12-31 09:40
Listen to the video before you judge
Fellow Christian
01-02 14:04
shine your eye's
12-30 23:29