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‘Innocent’ Mills' soul crying for justice – Owusu Bempah

Comment: He is a true prophet. REV 6:9-10

Dr. Frank
2016-12-31 10:23:53
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‘Innocent’ Mills' soul crying for justice –

He said his soul is crying for justice. Even in Revelation, the bible says the souls of the righteous who were slain, cried unto the lord for vengeance (justice). Please we should read the bible well as spiritual things are deep and the Holy Bible is also deep with great revelations. The blood of righteous Abel also cried for justice. I am not writing to claim that Atta Mills was killed by some people as only God knows the secret and God can show it to any person who He God wants, especially prophets. Prophet. I have followed this man of God prophecies since 1996 and I am bold to tell you that he is non partisan but speaks the mind of God. During the elections in 1996, he declared that NDC will win and the NPP were made at him saying he is a false prophet. Now is vice versa. You need to study some one for a long time before you can condemn him. However when it comes to spiritual things, you need the spirit of God to discern and know. WE may also use their fruits as the bible says to know. During the time of Jesus many people hated Jesus because His teachings wasn't what they wanted to hear. The called him the prince of demons. So comparing prophet Owusu Bempah and prophet Obinim and watching their interviews, preachings, and prophetic declearations.You will EASILY KNOW THE THE DIFFERENCE.God bless you

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riteous soul is crying
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shine your eye's
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He is a true prophet. REV 6:9-10
Dr. Frank
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