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‘Innocent’ Mills' soul crying for justice – Owusu Bempah

Comment: open your eyes ghanains

2016-12-30 23:27:42
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this owusu bempa is a fulse prophet,my fellow Ghanaians should open their eyes.this are all lies he is an npp man,but he dont want to say it,nana just win the election but not your prophecy,not your anything,the man just win it,you are just a big lier,foooool.why didn't you raise this ussue long time?,those who goes to you and obinim church are all don. nonsense,nana win the election what again,monfre yenso nko yabr3 mas3m.ghana belongs the all ghanaians not only the kasa dodo,yabr3 mo,mo koa na mop3 s3 mo didi,insulting late president atta mills,insulting president mahama,but if someone insult nana addo then is a problem.aaaaaaaaaaaaa.its a politics free speech,leave mizbel alone,she didnt insult the man,she said nana is not a presidential materialthats,daaammm.

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12-30 18:34
riteous soul is crying
12-31 09:40
shine your eye's
12-30 23:29
open your eyes ghanains
12-30 23:27