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‘Innocent’ Mills' soul crying for justice – Owusu Bempah

Comment: crying for justice?

2016-12-30 22:26:05
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‘Innocent’ Mills' soul crying for justice –

Owusu Bempah might have a different story to tell but has chosen to disorganize the minds of innocent audience who saw him live on Adom TV. Its all a different agenda.Why Mills death at this time?Why election 2020 and who wins at this time when his only beloved candidate hasn't yet been sworn in as the next President.Why tell Mahama you love him and would go to advise him about his future when you don't know his plans.If you're being haunted by the fear of thunderstorms then now is the hour that you have to intensify your prayers.The innocent souls at Dagbamete in the Volta Region and whom Pius Hadzide referred to as enough sacrifice to win the 2016 Elections are rather crying and need your prayers.Owusu Bempah should know by now the souls which are crying for justice.Adom TV hosts of the program who have chosen to promote the intentions of Owusu Bempah think Ghanaians are not discerning.There are thousands of intelligent minds in Ghana who are far from Owusu Bempah's type of prophets who have the capabilities of reading all the antecedents of social actions like what the hosts of Adom TV's program that is projecting Prophet Owusu Bempah as the Holy one that narrates what goes on in Heaven to Ghanaians.If Adom TV and Owusu Bempah have more they should bring it on.We need prayers to turn Ghana into a paradise,so Prophet we want that justice now.We want that justice that will keep us healthy to fulfill our promises.Prophet Owusu Bempah pray for a peaceful nation rather than a fearful nation.Pray for all the souls of the departed to ask for vengeance from God if they left this Earth through supernatural means.Prophet,pray for yourself also ,so that you're saved from blasphemy.It's only the.TRUTH that shall set this Prophet FREE.

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riteous soul is crying
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shine your eye's
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crying for justice?
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