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President-elect Akufo-Addo calls on Volta Chiefs

Comment: Call it what you want!

2016-12-19 17:33:05
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The fact is that NDC never took the Voltarians serious and instead of rebelling long ago they kept faith with the party and are just realizing they were just being used.
Kuffuor spent lots of resources resurfacing the streets of Ho and never got even a thank you. Of course, its the government's responsibility but for an entire region to register blanket voting for a single party season after season is dumbfounding.
Yes, the Ewes are well educated not because the others hate education but since the PNDC era, govt scholarships have been skewed in favour of particular regions. Think about why the central region has the highest concentration of best secondary schools in Ghana yet produce the least number of successful secondary school graduates. The so called democracy practiced by successive govts has failed the nation!

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12-17 20:28
Call it what you want!
12-19 17:33