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Samira Bawumia commends Ghanaians for choosing change

Comment: You are such a senseless Ghanaian

2016-12-10 23:55:25
Comment to:
Stupid woman. what change?

You are proving how stupid you are to the world. People like you shouldn't be here. If you don't know what to use your phone for then hand it over to some kid who has more sense than you do. You go to the extent of insulting someone's mother because of politics. I'm even sure you are saying this because your mother never became this beautiful. Just ask her to assist you in funding for your mother's plastic surgery to make her look a little human and stop insulting. You are as useless as a tag on a new shirt !!!!!

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12-10 22:08
You are such a senseless Ghanaian
12-10 23:55