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Queenmother of Asante Kingdom dies at 109

Comment: Bible is blacks history.

2016-11-16 10:12:47
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Stupid African.

Mends,Christianity is black man's history and Jew is one of the family out of 12 tribes called Hebrews.we from the west Saharan Africa are mostly Hebrews and some from central Africa as well ,because we have fail to research where we come from but depend on white man his history to discover ourselves or thinking our history is base on when whites came to us in 14 century hell no.we need to do more research then using our data to write insult whereas we can use it to go further in knowing who we're. now king James who compiled the Bible and also rule in British in dark ages period was a black man and also a moor Hebrew.there are books been kept to out of the reach of the black Africans in order to hide our identity,some of the books are The Russian icons,Black Nobels kings in Europe, From Babylon to Timbuktu and many if the prominent personalities in the Bible can describe themselves as blacks then how come we are now seeing only whites as Jews. song of Solomon 1:5.,lamentation 4:8.,Job 30:30.,Daniel 10:5-6.,Jeremiah 8:21.,14:1-2.,Revelation 1:13-15.,it's goes on and on,already we are suffering from what's Moses told our fore fathers concerning blessing and curses in Deuteronomy 28?if we turn to idols. so my good friend the Bible is our history we need to go back for it fully.

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11-15 20:14
Barimah Osei KWABENA USA
11-15 21:32
Bible is blacks history.
11-16 10:12
James Kwadwo Okyere
11-17 15:23