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Queenmother of Asante Kingdom dies at 109

Comment: Inward looking people's phobias

Ton-Ton Markus
2016-11-15 22:58:09
Comment to:
Queenmother of Asante Kingdom dies at 109

You fools. Your comments proof how envious you are about the Great Ashantis.
Don't be jealous about these people. Remember that whatever God has given unto you no man can take it from you.
Look at how Great the Isrealites are..
No man can destroy them. Look at how Great Britain is, no man can bring that tiny country down. If you don't have any idea of how to live a good quality of life for yourself, or if you don't have the magic to invent something extraordinary to improve peoples lives, stop being jealous and feeling envious of the Great Ashantis, it will not make you rich or make you live longer than any of these I repeat, Great People.

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11-15 20:14
Barimah Osei KWABENA USA
11-15 21:32
Inward looking people's phobias
Ton-Ton Markus
11-15 22:58
James Kwadwo Okyere
11-17 15:23