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2016 polls: NPP lying their way through – Greenstreet

Comment: Evil party leader

Adu Phillips, Toronto
2016-11-13 14:59:31
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2016 polls: NPP lying their way through – Greens

I don't think Ghanaians are ready to employ Nana Addo. How can a jobless man who is not working for the past 8 years create job for us when he is not working himself? President Mahama has a large cocoa farm helping the Ghanaian economy on his own way. The late president Mills was lecturing at Calgary, Canada right after he lost to Ex Kuffour. My question is that how can this lazy guy doing all this years seating and running from village to village, town to town country to another begging for money to be president at all cost? This good for nothing man should go back to Nduom to learn from him . You can't give job when you don't it yourself so Nana should give us a break.

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11-13 14:53
Evil party leader
Adu Phillips, Toronto
11-13 14:59