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Montie FM's Ako Gunn led attacks on Nana Addo's house – Nana Akomea

Comment: Ghanaians must protect their country

2016-11-13 18:33:20
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Montie’s Ako Gunn led attacks against NPP – Na

As I have been saying all the time, Ghanaians do not want to destroy their country but rather foreigners have the intent to destroy Ghana and then run away to their countries after they have put Ghana into Flames. How can a foreigner, Aku Gunn, a Togolese for that matter whom Ghanaians have given shelter,food, education and a job have the audacity to lead a Tugs to attack the Residence of the Leading Presidencial Candidate. This problem lies squarely with Ghanaians because we Ghanaians tend to entrust our country and our destiny to foreigners who will run away to their respective countries and rejoice from there after they have destroyed Ghana. And remember,if they destroy our ONLY country, there will be nowhere for us to run away to. Families, Friends, Properties and all the Traditions and CULTURES which our Forefathers and - mothers have built for us will be destroyed for ever and there will be NO GHANA AGAIN because we have put our own destiny in the hands of foreigners. We could not take care of our God-given country.One thing which Ghanaians have to remember is that NIGERIA has still not recovered from their 1967 Civil War because Nigerians as they are, did not even attempt to allow their citizens to undergo any psycological training to treat them for the problems which their citizens went through during that Civil War in which they destroyed millions of human lives and properties. This is partly the reason why Nigeria is now falling apart. A developed country like Germany where their citizens especially children who survived the second world war made them to go through an intensive psycological treatment to heal them from the nightmares, the Loss of millions of human Lives and the destructions of properties which they experienced during the war. We Ghanaians do not want to experience this in Ghana.
That is why we must learn to guard our country against the nation-wreckers. Believe me no civilized and democratic country will give jobs in the country to foreigners while their own people do not have jobs. In Europe for example, foreigners do the Jobs which their citizens refuse to do like Cleaning, as Labourers of road and building contructions and the like. It is the same thing in United States. But we in Ghana on the other hand, provide jobs to foreigners while our own
citizens remain unemployed. We tend to please foreigners and leave our own citizens aside. Even in other African countries, they reserve their few jobs to their own citizens. Some years ago, a Lady and her husband came to my office in Germany ( since I am self -employed ) and she introduced herself to me as a Ghanaian from Wa in the North of Ghana. I told her that I was proud of her that she could support her family back home in Ghana. She then told me that she was a Prison Officer during Rawlings Government. But then during my conversation with them, her husband forgot himself and said that they had returned from Ghana from where they continued to visit his wife´s parents in Ouagadugou in Burkina Faso and that he was so happy to see his wife´s parents and their large family in Burkina Faso. I then paused a little and asked the Lady why she lied to me that she was from Ghana while she was actually from Burkina Faso. She told me that she lied to the Ghana Prison Services that she was a Ghanaian and that was why she got a Job there and was stationed at Nsawam Prison. But one sad thing he revealed to me was that she enjoyed giving several slaps to all the Akan Prisoners who were brought to Nsawam Prison and who were put under her charge. She told me these Akan Prisoners were scared to see her and they begged her and some were even crying so that she would not slap them but she enjoyed giving them her slaps every morning. I then got very angry and told her that we Ghanaians have given her shelter, food, education and a job and she had the audicity to slap the Akan Prisoners at Nsawam Prison.I then drove her and her husband away from my office. Later on, I heard from other Friends who knew her that she boasted of giving slaps to Akans who were imprisoned in Nsawam Prison most of whom used to cry and kneel before her but that did not stop her from slaping these poor Akan Prisoners. I understand that she and her husband have seperated.
The case in point is that if you entrust your country to foreigners, this is what you have to expect because they do not have any interest in the country. Ghanaians must therefore learn to take control of their country. But I also take consolation in the fact that many real Ghanaians rushed to Nana Akuffo Addo´s Residence to confront these Tugs who have been encouraged by NDC to commit such attrocities. That is a good sign. But NPP must not waiste time to take the Ringleader to court.
This Togolese Aku Gunn belongs to Prison.

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Ghanaians must protect their country
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Prince adum Bawuah
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